Karina visits J.P. before discharge

Karina visits hospital

J.P. tolerated his feeds well and was able to be discharged Wednesday afternoon.

It was a really interesting day because Karina was able to spend the day with J.P. in his hospital room.

I was very happy with the way she behaved in

Karina therapy
Karina assists J.P.’s therapists at the hospital.

the hospital, and the staff enjoyed being able to meet the dog they had heard so much about.

While Karina was in J.P.’s hospital room, he had occupational and physical therapy, and the therapists said it was among the best they’ve had with him.

It made me feel good about our decision to get a skilled companion dog for J.P.

Back at Canine Companions, the class was scheduled to go on a field trip to PetSmart and take the written final exam. It’s something else we’ll need to make up in the days ahead.

I was told early this morning that WESH-TV was going to send a photographer to get video of the class field trip, and the second part of the special report on Canine Companions will air at 5 p.m.

A watch party was held at Canine Companions for Monday’s piece, and everyone said they really enjoyed it.

The schedule for Thursday includes the test to be certified to take the dogs into public, as well as interviews for the video presentation that happens at the graduation ceremony. The dogs may also be getting groomed.

Paige and I really appreciate the prayers from everyone and the support from both the students and staff at Canine Companions — especially allowing us to bring Katrina to visit J.P. at the hospital. I think it gave her a good idea about what our daily life is like, and she got an A-plus for her performance today in my book.

Hopefully, we can put this whole hospitalization behind us now and begin concentrating on our graduation ceremony and the final few days to make Karina an official member of the Cousins’ family and member of Team J.P.

3 Comments on “Karina visits J.P. before discharge

  1. It’s great to be able to follow the progress of my grandson from Missouri. Isn’t technology a great thing. Best to all of you, it looks like Karina is fitting in as a great member of the Cousins family,

  2. Such heart warming news! I love the picture of J.P with Karina!

  3. Jeff: Thank you very much for posting this blog and for letting us to get a glimpse into the life of your family. I am a volunteer puppy-raiser for CCI from Northern California and your blog was forwarded to our CCI volunteer chapter by one of the puppy-raisers. It is very valuable for us, puppy-raisers, to see how much the puppies that we raise mean for the graduates and how these dogs change lives of their recipients. Please, continue to write, it is very heartwarming to watch what Karina will do for J.P. All the best to you, J.P. and to all your family including your new four-legged family member. Have a great graduation day!

    Irina Green, CCI volunteer puppy-raiser, raising Nilight, my CCI pup # 6,
    CCI Northwest Region, Sacramento area

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Cynthia Weirr

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Because we’re all recovering from something.

Trading Barbs With Barb

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