Enjoying the everyday

Karina's collar and tag

After more than a month of chaos, even doing household chores seems relaxing.

It’s really nice to be settling into our new normal in the Cousins’ household.

Over the past few days, there’s been an effort to get things cleaned up inside and outside on the pool deck as the hot weather makes the water seem so inviting.

Karina is enjoying the pool deck, too, especially our sun shelf.

On Friday, we embarked on our first adventure with her in public.

Paige, J.P., Karina and I enjoyed brunch at Keke’s before we headed to PetSmart to get a dog collar and identification tag.

We also stopped at Fresh Market for some groceries since the cupboard and refrigerator have been getting pretty bare.

I guess we all need to remember there’s joy in life’s everyday chores and duties. They tell us that the drama and crises have taken a break.

It’s a time of renewal, recharge and relaxation. These moments may seem boring to many until they’re gone because another unexpected surprise has reared its head.

I’ve used the time to try to get back to exercising. Karina and I are walking more than a mile a day, and I’m running three to four times a week. Karina ran with me for a bit of a sprint Thursday. She makes me proud.

We also found a new toy for Karina at PetSmart. It’s similar to one of J.P.’s favorite toys that we believe he’ll be able to hold and drop for the dog.

It’s another way we can work toward having Karina realize she’s J.P.’s dog, and Paige and I are only her facilitators. We may also start having J.P. give Karina bits of kibble when she’s with him.

There’s still a lot to do, but these few days have sure been nice reveling in the normalcy of life.

Next week brings a surgical procedure for Paige’s mom, so things could get more chaotic again. Please keep us in your prayers.


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