Shaking off the cobwebs

Snoozing dog

I was thankful J.P. got a good night’s sleep.

It was nice to wake up feeling refreshed Thursday, and I’ve noticed that since J.P. has been home from the hospital, Karina doesn’t whine in her crate before I’m ready to wake up.

However, I still feel like it’s better to get Karina up and toileted before she begins whining and we begin the whole “Don’t, quiet,” correction routine.

I took the opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and get back to running after the early chores were completed and ended up getting 5K in by about 9 a.m.

I would like to think this could be the beginning of a great thing, but we’ll see how I feel when I’m going to bed at 1:30 a.m.

I guess I’m now in the mode of finding the new normal. I was able to get Karina walked before lunch and even took a dip in the pool before getting in the shower.

Paige and I got to eat breakfast and lunch together, and I had snuggle time with J.P. in the recliner while I got caught up on the series finale of “Revolution.” I’ll miss that show.

Karina needed her daily brushing, and I got her teeth brushed and the rest of the grooming tasks done, too.

It was hard leaving home and coming back to work. I’m still concerned about J.P. and hope he’s finally on the mend. Leaving Paige with the multitude of things to get done for J.P., and now Karina, is going to be challenging.

I think a lot of us who work away from home and have children with special needs feel guilty when the health challenges multiply with the little ones.

I try to remind myself that what we do keeps the health insurance going and brings home the paycheck. I sometimes believe the health insurance is as important or even more important than the money.

It’s now time to get my mind in work mode and trust that my amazing wife can keep things running at home as we find our way to that new normal.

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