I’m a lucky dog

Karina with J.P. and Paige
Lowe's with Karina
Jeff, J.P. and Karina on a field trip to Lowe’s.

Hello. My name is Karina, and I’ve been matched with J.P. as his soon-to-be skilled companion dog.

I’m 2 years old, and I’m part golden retriever and part Labrador retriever. I’m the smallest of all the dogs in my class, and one of the trainers said I’m like a big cocker spaniel.

I first met J.P. and his parents a week ago on the first day of team training at Canine Companions for Independence.

I’ve been working since I was about 8 weeks old to prepare for this very exciting time, and have spent the last six months perfecting about 40 commands to help J.P. in his daily life.

Ten other dogs have also been working with their recipients. Some of them will be working with just one person, but I’m glad to have a whole family to go home with on Saturday.

I’ve missed J.P. since he left, and I’m hoping he gets better fast so we can resume our training together. He’s such a sweet little boy, and I’m going to do my best to make his life easier.

It was a lot of fun practicing my commands with his parents, Jeff and Paige. They’re working hard to become awesome facilitators. We’ve been practicing sitting, getting objects, walking and even went on a field trip together to Lowe’s on Saturday on a scavenger hunt. I got to ride together with J.P. in his van.

Karina visits with J.P.
Karina visits with J.P. during team training.

I was sad when I saw J.P. was getting sick, and I was sent back to the kennels. It made me feel better when Jeff came to see Monday morning and we got to take a walk together.

I’m hearing that I may get to see J.P. in the hospital later this week. I’m really excited about that.

Hopefully, he won’t be there much longer because we have to walk together in the graduation ceremony Saturday at SeaWorld.

Being a Canine Companion dog is an incredible honor for me, and I’m looking forward to spending many years as a member of the Cousins’ skilled companion team.

2 Comments on “I’m a lucky dog

  1. What sweet pictures!! I hope J.P and Karina will be together soon! I now a visit in the hospital with Karina will lift J.P’s spirits!!

  2. So happy for your new family member. Love the name Karina. A visit in the hospital will be just what the doctor ordered.

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