Friday Fun: An update from Karina

Hi there, It’s Karina.

Several years ago, I spoke to you about my job as J.P.’s service dog. I was practically a puppy at the time, and a fresh graduate from Canine Companions for Independence.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Josh Billings

It’s been a great career. I’ve become a member of the family, and enjoy cuddling up with J.P. during the day, and I even get to snuggle with Paige at night.

I’m 7 years old now, which is the equivalent of 47 human years. I’m holding up pretty well. I think I’m still pretty well behaved, and Jeff has kept a close eye on my weight, so treats are very limited.

I do get two peanut butter-flavored Pill Pockets each evening. That’s because I have to take two milk thistle capsules because of some poor liver numbers. My veterinarian is keeping a close eye on that.

I still know most of my Canine Companion commands. I mostly hear, “Hurry,” which means to potty, “OK,” which means I can eat, “Jump,” to get on the couch, and “Off,” to get back on the floor. Each night, I’m told to “Kennel,” which means to get in my kennel in J.P.’s room and go to bed.

Before my last recertification exam, I showed Jeff and Paige that I still know several other commands, which aren’t used as often.

  • Tug: Dog will pull a strap with its mouth
  • Push: Dog closes a door or drawer
  • Get: Dog retrieves an item with its mouth
  • Give: Dog releases grip on item in its mouth while person’s hand is on the item
Hanging out with Duncan

I love my job. I’m just not a big fan when J.P. is admitted to the hospital, and I spend a lot of time home alone. I watch over J.P. and say prayers that he stays healthy, so I can remain by his side as his best furry friend.

Now, can we talk about that cat? He can be a pain.

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