J.P.’s staycation adventure

Dessert with J.P.

It’s been a busy few weeks with schedule changes at work and numerous special appointments — both personal and business.

Through it all, I’ve been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s when my sister and niece arrived for a one-week stay.

Donut King
A very important taste test is conducted with doughnuts from The Donut King.

J.P. has enjoyed having some additional people around, and Karina also loves spending time with Catherine and Abbie.

We’ve enjoyed several adventures already. As I mentioned in my last diary entry, Abbie and I made an early-morning doughnut run at the new Donut King in Winter Park. They were a major hit.

We also took our yellow dog (Karina) to Yellow Dog Eats in Gotha and thoroughly enjoyed a lunch there.

Celebrity Mascot Games
The Celebrity Mascot Games are held at Amway Center.

The only hiccup in the visit so far was a visit to the Mascot Games at Amway Center. We got there early and had great seats on the mezzanine for J.P., Karina and the family.

But when things got started, it was simply too loud for J.P. He was frightened, and Karina had to go to work to try to calm him down. He recovered, but was startled again a few minutes later, so we decided to head out.

J.P. enjoyed our visit to the Orlando Museum of Art, but I think Karina thought it strange that we kept walking around looking at the walls. Paige and I got to swing at one exhibit that let you see your shadows against a wall filled with clouds.

Swingin' at the museum
Paige and I try out the museum’s swings.

J.P. was giggling while we were swinging. Who knows what he thought was going on.

We also visited the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe by SeaWorld and an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and soda fountain in College Park. I’ll have to run a marathon to get rid of all these calories.

But the visit has been incredible so far. Having family around can be so comforting and relaxing. We understand each other at a deep level and don’t always need to explain ourselves.

My sister seems to have great faith in me as a tour guide and said she loves coming to Florida because she doesn’t have to make decisions about where to go or what to eat. It’s just all done for her.

After working Saturday and Sunday, the vacation resumes. I’m looking forward to completing that very scientific doughnut study with my niece and enjoying the camaraderie with everyone.

As everyone knows, it will be over way too fast.

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