Karina gets clean

Karina gets clean

It was a big week for J.P. and Karina as we passed the one-month mark after graduating from Canine Companions for Independence.

One month later meant Karina got her first bath, and we had to file our first report with CCI.

The report asked basic questions about how the team is doing, and how the team has progressed during the month away from the support of the CCI staff.

Karina has done well and integrated into our home routine with hardly any issues. We’re still working toward having her recognize J.P. as her recipient and not Paige and I.

The first bath went very smoothly. I was surprised when Karina went into the bathtub and sat down while I got her all sudsy and smelling sweet again.

She jumped out of the tub and instantly did her shake, which made a bit of a mess, but nothing that didn’t clean up fast.

After that, Karina went and laid in the sun to get dry. I think she thought it was her spa day.

In July, Karina will visit the veterinarian for her vaccinations and to get a refill on her flea and heartworm medication.

The week also brought an unexpected visit to the vet for Ariel, who has a knack for vomiting, but was even worse than normal.

About $175 later, we learned she wasn’t spending enough time in the litter box.

We do these things for our pets because their love for us is so unconditional.

While we may not want to be inconvenienced by a sick pet or a bath, we provide it to show we love them.

In Canine Companions, our trainers told us that when the pets know they’re cared for, they’re more likely to respect you as their pack leader.

I try my best to make sure Karina is groomed each day and gets a good walk. It gives us time to bond and makes me feel better, too.

Moving forward, I think it’s important to remember to have the same spirit of loving and caring with our children and spouses. It can make for a happier household for both people and pets.

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