Equal time for cats

Ariel and Belle

We’re tired of all this talk about the new dog.

While Jeff, Paige and J.P. were out learning all about Karina, we were stuck at the vet wondering when we would get to come home. It seemed like forever.

When we got back home after the horrendous car ride, there she was. She’s huge and intimidating. We couldn’t take our eyes off her, she kept blocking our way to the litter box, and I think she wants our food.

Listen. We get it. We’re not always the first to jump into J.P.’s lap and be all lovey-dovey, but we’re cats, and we’re 19 years old.

We were here when J.P. was born. We comforted our mom and dad when they learned things weren’t going well with the pregnancy. We were there when dad lost his mother, and mom lost her grandfather and grandmothers.

We’ve been through the move from the apartment to the home in Lake Mary where J.P. first lived, and moved with them again when J.P.’s therapy equipment made the first home seem smaller and smaller.

We remember when the church group came over and turned a guest room into a nursery because J.P. was doing so much better than expected and would come home for the first time.

It was amazing. Who thought a baby who wasn’t expected to survive childbirth would grow into an 11-year-old boy?

We want all of you people out there who keep logging on to find out what the dog did yesterday, today and tomorrow to know we’re here, too, and we’ve been here a long time.

While Karina is over there helping J.P. do this and that, we’re comforting the two people who keep J.P. going. We climb in their lap when we see the stress getting to them. We stay with them until they fall asleep at night and try to make sure they get the rest they need to do it all again in the morning.

Our names are Ariel and Belle. We’re getting used to the dog, too, and we’ll be here keeping things going by helping in the background.

We only ask that Karina stay out of our food bowls and give us a clear path to the litter box.

2 Comments on “Equal time for cats

  1. Amanda, Locke and I are thrilled that J.P is feeling better and that your family (including your feline companions) are starting to move forward after a tough (but amazing) couple of weeks 🙂

  2. Well, Ariel and Belle, I can see that you two are very important cats! (VIC’s) Thank you for speaking up and making your presence known! Keep on comforting Jeff and Paige, they need you very much. Blessings to you!

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