Dealing with unforseen problems

CCI Puzzle

I’m posting this blog entry with a furry friend nearby.

We were able to bring our canine companion back to our room which completed the final piece of the training puzzle.

It’s been really exciting learning more about the dog that will in all likelihood be spending at least the next 10 years with us. Some of the topics covered in class today included canine health, grooming and play.

J.P. assisted with brushing both the dog’s hair and teeth, and WESH-TV’s Dave McDaniel and Chief Photojournalist Pete Delis caught it all on video.

We’re hearing the pieces will air on WESH-TV on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week. I’m really excited to see them. They should also be available on

Despite what was a very memorable day, we have been dealing with some unforeseen issues.

On the way back from checking on our house last night, our wheelchair van seemed to be having some mechanical problems. I had to get up early today to have the van checked and rush back in a rental car in time for class. After class, I had to rush back to get the van.

It wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for the first night with our dog, and things got worse when J.P. began vomiting tonight. I’m hoping it was a one-time thing. He doesn’t have a fever or any other symptoms. Please keep us in our prayers.

We’ll be talking about our first night with the dogs first thing in the morning. Our dog seemed a bit stressed when we had to run around when J.P. got sick. We also tried some play with the toys we were given, but the dog really seemed to just want us to be the toys.

It will be interesting to see what the weekend brings with our first field trip with the dog on Saturday. There are no classes Sunday.

Thanks so much for all the well wishes during this process. While it has been a very memorable experience, we’re both dealing with a lot tonight trying to accommodate the dog and make sure J.P. is OK. Can you say stress overload?

One Comment on “Dealing with unforseen problems

  1. So happy you finally got the dog and are continuing classes! The dog will be extremely beneficial for both you and J.P.! Praying for your family!

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