The daily balancing act

J.P. and Jorge Somoza

I admit it.

I don’t spend as much one-on-one time with J.P. as my wife, Paige, does.

I work the night shift at Hearst Television in Orlando and manage the websites of dozens of stations when they’re not locally staffed.

That means Paige is usually up with J.P. before me, and since I work late, she is the one that puts him to bed.

Paige and J.P. are like two peas in a pod. They love one another, and I know they enjoy each other more than you could imagine.

But I’m glad J.P. also treasures the time we get to spend together. He’s always excited when I get home, and he keeps a close eye on me from his spot on the couch.

Even when I’m not working, I’ve spent the past several years as a member and now chairman of the Florida Hospital for Children Family Advisory Council. It’s an important committee for the hospital, and there’s been a push to get more parents on other hospital councils.

Because I’m chairman, I serve on the Nursing Governance Council and recently joined the Patient Safety and Quality Committee.

I believe my work at the hospital helps me to know how to better care for J.P., and I’m glad I know many of the hospital staff members during the times when J.P. is admitted.

Sometimes I just need to take into account my wife’s guidance and advice when us two boys are left alone.

Paige had an acupuncture appointment on Friday, and J.P. had to be fitted for some hand splints for occupational therapy. I got up a little early because I wanted to get a morning run in before it was time for us to leave.

After the run, Paige warned me that I needed to move it because several things still had to be done to get J.P. ready.

I was still trying to cool down and needed some breakfast, but our pool looked really inviting after a 4-mile run. I took a quick dip and then ate.

By the time I got out of the shower, I had about 45 minutes to get J.P. washed up, diapered, dressed, in the wheelchair and in the van for the trip to Winter Park for the appointment. It takes some time.

That’s when I remembered I should have probably listened more closely to Paige’s advice.

J.P. has worked with Jorge Somoza at Combined Medical Services for many years. He’s been a huge asset to our family and has even gone to a doctor’s appointment with us when there was talk about spasticity, splinting and botox injections. He’s very knowledgeable, friendly and treats J.P. and us with a lot of respect.

The hand splints fit well, but Jorge warned that a lot of his clients have growth spurts between the ages of 11 and 13, so I’m glad we’re working toward a ceiling lift for the house — and so does my back.

I’m glad we got to the appointment, and I know Paige enjoyed her acupuncture.

I hate to be in a hurry and should remember that Paige does these things a lot more than me, and while she is J.P.’s primary caregiver, I believe I’m playing a wider role in influencing what happens at those times when the chips are down and we must trust others to provide care for our son — as well as bringing home the paycheck that puts money in the bank accounts and makes sure we all have health insurance.

By the way, I did make it to J.P.’s appointment with five minutes to spare, so I must be doing something right, and we had time to meet Paige for a nice lunch afterward before getting J.P. back home for school.

Not a bad Friday, I think.


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Cynthia Weirr

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Because we’re all recovering from something.

Trading Barbs With Barb

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