Vacation all I ever wanted …

J.P. and Karina snuggle

J.P. just completed extended school year, and the start of fifth grade for him is less than a month away.

Most would be thinking about summer vacation, but with much of my vacation time used for training at Canine Companions, it’s time to get resourceful.

The budget for a vacation has dried up with a spate of unexpected household emergencies, including a broken pipe repair in the middle of the night, a broken air conditioner and a new refrigerator.

We’re lucky to call Florida home, so there are plenty of things close by to enjoy, and now we’ve just got to find the time.

Paige has strategically planned J.P.’s ongoing therapy appointments so Mondays have been free days recently.

Jeff and Catherine
My sister, Catherine Brandt and I on a visit in 2013.

We’ve enjoyed some of our favorite restaurants and got together with family and friends over the past few weeks.

I’m also really excited that my sister, Catherine, and my niece, Abbie, will be flying to Orlando for a week, and I was able to switch some work days to maximize time with them.

Abbie likes the fact we plan our days around where we want to eat, and Paige and I are already planning some great places to dine while she’s here.

Our list includes my new favorite place, Red Robin. We also want to take her to Hawkers, and the list is growing each day.

We’ll also be comparing the competing doughnut shops in town — Donuts to Go and Donut King. Watch for the results of our very scientific study.

There will also be time by the pool, and plenty of pancakes on the griddle with lots of chocolate chips. That’s just a tradition.

So despite a lack of time or money, I think we’re gearing up for a fine vacation, and I know Catherine and Abbie are both anxious to see the newest member of the family, Karina.

Lots of good times ahead!

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