Diaper trouble prompts change in plans

Karina in hospitl bed

Believe it or not, J.P. was back at the hospital Wednesday after going 20 hours without a wet diaper.

I’ve learned from my many hospital stays that you can tell nurses about many issues with a child, but nothing seems to be taken as seriously as when they learn they’re not peeing.

R2D2 Visit
R2D2 visits the hospital.


So Paige and I made the call this morning and were told to bring him in.

Luckily, the diaper situation improved while we were there and all of the tests done found no issues.

We ran into R2D2 while we were at the hospital, so I guess you could say the force was with us.

I’m really ready to move on from this whole two weeks of medical problems. It’s tiring, stressful and time-consuming.

I went to bed last night thinking it’s time to wrap up the quizzes and final exam for Canine Companions for Independence so we can take our Assistance Dogs International test for public access and then we’re back at the hospital.

I’ll be back at work Thursday, so we’re looking at another week before we can get there to get that completed.

I did get some time this morning to get Karina’s daily grooming tasks completed. We were told at Canine Companions to brush them, check their paws, clean their eyes and ears, and brush their teeth.

After we got back from the hospital, Paige and I had dinner, and Karina and I went on a walk that was probably as much for me as it was for her.

I took my first selfie of Karina and I, and as I was snapping the picture she promptly licked my face. It made for quite an image.

Karina walk
A selfie during my walk with Karina.

But maybe it was just Karina realizing she needed to cheer me up after a tough day. I guess it’s just one more reason these creatures are considered man’s best friend.


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